Looking to boost your content creation and turn clicks into leads? Well, I’ve got the scoop on three awesome AI writing tools: AIWrita, Rytr.me, and AI Writer.

Today, creating great content is super important, whether it’s Instagram posts, blogs, WhatsApp Stories, TikTok videos, product descriptions, or Facebook updates. But not everyone’s a writing pro.

That’s where AI writing software comes in. There are lots of options out there, like AIWrita, Rytr, AI Writer, and Writesonic. But which one’s right for you? It can be a bit tricky to decide.

No worries, I’ve got your back. Check out my list of top 3 AI writing software that’ll help you create engaging content like a pro! 🚀

Best 3 AI Copywriting Software & Content Generator Tools in 2023

1. AIWrita: Free account + 10,000 words monthly


AIWrita is a brand-new tool that’s making waves, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to supercharge your content creation for websites and social media.

What sets AIWrita apart? Well, it boasts a treasure trove of 50+ ready-made templates that cover all your content needs. Whether you’re whipping up blog posts, crafting sales emails, refining website content, or conquering social media, AIWrita has your back.

Here’s the deal: You select a template that suits your fancy, pop in your unique details and brief, and then watch AIWrita weave its magic.

But wait, there’s more! You can even whip up your own custom template to use for any prompt you desire.

AIWrita’s got some killer features too:

  • It pumps out fresh, original content every single time, waving goodbye to plagiarism worries.
  • With support for over 60 languages, it’s a global player.
  • Enjoy AIWrita Chat, a ChatGPT-like feature that’s a game-changer.
  • Need images? No problem, AIWrita can generate those too.
  • It can transcribe your content, making life easier.
  • And don’t forget the user-friendly interface that makes content creation a breeze.
  • Plus, effortlessly rephrase text to hit different grade levels.
  • API access.
  • Data export.

AIWrita: Your one-stop AI writing powerhouse! 🚀

AIWrita Pricing:

AIWrita has three main subscription plans to suit your needs. First up, there’s the Starter plan, which is absolutely free and gives you a monthly allowance of 10,000 words.

If you’re hungry for more, there’s the Standard plan, priced at just $14.99 per month (or a discounted annual rate of $149.9), and it bumps up your monthly word limit to a generous 200,000 words.

But for the content power users out there, the Premium plan is where it’s at. Starting at $24.99 per month (or $249.9 annually), it unlocks unlimited word usage and provides access to additional premium features.

Choose the plan that fits your content creation needs and budget with AIWrita! 📝💰.

2. Rytr.me:


Rytr.me, your friendly AI writing assistant for crafting compelling content for websites and social media.

Rytr taps into the magic of artificial intelligence to whip up fantastic content across a wide range of needs. Whether you’re in the market for blog posts, cover letters, emails, product descriptions, captivating calls to action, video ideas, or even catchy song lyrics, Rytr’s got you covered.

Now, check out Rytr’s nifty features:

  • Offering a whopping 40+ content use cases.
  • It supports over 30 languages, making it a global content wizard.
  • Get the right tone with 20+ writing styles to choose from, including Funny, Informative, Thoughtful, and Inspirational, just to name a few.
  • Need images? No sweat, Rytr can generate those too.
  • And if you’re into tech, Rytr offers API integrations for seamless use.

Now, let’s talk pricing, which is both straightforward and budget-friendly. Rytr’s plans are based on the number of characters you need each month:

  • Free Plan: Absolutely free, with a monthly character limit of 10,000.
  • Saver: Priced at just $9 per month, it lets you generate up to 100,000 characters monthly.
  • Unlimited: For $29 per month, enjoy unlimited character generation each month.

You can kick things off with Rytr’s free plan to test the waters and see if it’s the right fit for your AI writing needs. Dive in and give it a whirl! 🚀

3. AI Writer:


Let’s talk about AI Writer, the AI-powered writing wizard that can whip up accurate, relevant, and top-notch content in just 2 minutes thanks to artificial intelligence.

With AI Writer, it’s a breeze. You provide a brief description of your topic, and like magic, AI Writer crafts a high-quality article in mere minutes. And if you throw in some keywords or a catchy headline, it takes care of the rest.

Here’s the scoop: You can either create articles from scratch or give a makeover to your existing content. It’s a lifesaver for writers and business owners who want to ace the SEO game.

Here’s what AI Writer brings to the table:

  • 1. Lightning-Fast Article Creation: Get your content in just 2 minutes – think of it as instant noodles, but for content creation.
  • 2. SEO-Friendly Articles: AI Writer churns out fresh, SEO-friendly article drafts with just a headline.
  • 3. Fact-Based and Informative Content: Your content will be backed by verified citations, ensuring accuracy and reliability.
  • 4. Text Rewording Tool: AI Writer also includes a text rewording tool to enhance readability and improve SEO performance.
  • 5. API Access: For those who want to take their content creation to the next level, AI Writer offers API access.

Now, let’s dive into our new pricing plans, designed to cater to your unique needs:

BASIC PLAN – $29 per month:

  • Suitable for solopreneurs, bloggers, and startups managing one or two blogs.
  • Includes up to 40 articles per month.

STANDARD PLAN – $59 per month:

  • Designed for freelancers handling a substantial volume of content each month.
  • Offers up to 150 articles per month.

POWER PLAN – $375 per month:

  • Tailored for users with high demands for fresh content.
  • Provides a generous allowance of up to 1000 articles per month.

And don’t forget, AI Writer offers a generous 1-week free trial, so you can experience its magic firsthand and decide if it’s the right fit for you. Dive in and give it a spin today, absolutely cost-free! 🚀

What is AI Writing Software?

AI writing software is a computer program that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to generate high-quality text based on your provided input.

AI writers are versatile and capable of producing engaging marketing copy, content for website landing pages, articles, blog post ideas, social media captions, slogans, creative stories, song lyrics, and even entire novels.

Initially met with skepticism, many people find the results of AI writing tools impressive once they try them.

What is AI Content Writing?

AI content writing represents a new dimension in writing, with AI and human writers working together rather than in competition. AI-generated content complements human writing, acting as a helpful assistant.

AI content writing serves a variety of purposes. It can generate content swiftly for specific topics or niches as needed. Additionally, it proves invaluable for digital agencies that require large volumes of copywriting quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Using AI Copywriting Tools

  • Overcome Writer’s Block: AI writer tools help you break through writer’s block.
  • Create High-Quality Content Quickly: You can produce high-quality, SEO-friendly content in a matter of minutes.
  • Enhance Writing Skills: These AI tools save time and improve your writing skills, allowing you to create articles, ebooks, webinars, blog posts, and more.
  • Cost Savings: AI writing tools can save money by eliminating the need for a copywriter, allowing you to manage content creation yourself.
  • Multilingual Support: AI writers can assist in creating content in multiple languages, with some supporting over 90 languages.
  • Time Savings: These tools handle much of the creative heavy lifting, freeing you to focus on other important aspects of your professional life.

How Does an AI Copywriter Work?

Most AI writers, including popular ones like AIWrita and Rytr, leverage OpenAI’s GPT-3 model. GPT-3, short for Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, is an autoregressive language model. This means it uses its extensive dataset to predict the next best word in a sentence while maintaining context.

GPT-3 was trained on a vast dataset of around 570GB of information, drawing from 10% of the internet in 2019. These AI tools are continually learning from test inputs and user interactions.

While AI-generated content may occasionally produce nonsensical results, in most cases, it generates high-quality output, boasting an impressive success rate of around 80%.

Is AI Writing Free?

The availability of free AI writing varies depending on the type of content you require. Many AI writers, such as AIWrita and Rytr, offer limited free trials that allow you to experience the full capabilities of their tools for a brief period.

However, generating content using artificial intelligence demands substantial computational power, which comes at a cost. Providers of AI copywriting tools shoulder this expense, making it understandable that their software cannot be entirely free.

Conclusion: Best AI Writing Software of 2023

In summary, the AI copywriting software mentioned here represents just the beginning of what’s possible in the world of computer-generated writing. While AI has made impressive strides, it’s important to remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for creating exceptional writing.

With continued advancements in data sources and processing power, coupled with ongoing research and development, AI software may continue to approach human writing capabilities.

I hope you found this list of AI writing tools helpful. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to hearing about your choice of AI writing software in the comments section! 📝

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